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Dance Mambo Academy

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Dance Mambo Academy

Our programs combine individual attention with group tuition for the ultimate results.

The timetable is divided into 3 core levels focusing on different topics:

Fundamental - You’ll learn how to be comfortable with your own timing. Lead and follow basic partner work with precision, and implement fundamental techniques to make growth sustainable.

  • Syllabus based shines
  • Timing work
  • Intro to musicality
  • Mambo partner work components
  • Lead & follow techniques
  • Social dance structure

Intermediate - Implement basic body movement techniques to add flavor as well as additional layers of partner work and footwork to create a more complete dancer. Work on core techniques to prepare for more advanced concepts.

  • Intro to body movement
  • Footwork variations
  • Syncopated timing
  • Solo & partner work styling
  • Social dancing turn patterns

Advanced - Fine-tune the very details of one’s dance, basically connecting all the dots of the puzzle that we previously lay down at fundamental and intermediate levels. Develop your own expression in solo and partner dancing.

  • Intricate footwork
  • High-pace variations
  • Layered techniques
  • Styling
  • Incorporated body movement
  • Challenging turn pattern drills

Additional classes include Afro and Rumba with Cuban maestro Adrian Medina as well as our unique technique deep dive courses running every 4 weeks.

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Conveniently located at the intersection of Harris St and Quarry St, just 50 meters away from the Ian Thorpe Aqatic Centre

Becoming a great dancer isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Dance Mambo is located and easily accessible from all of Ultimo.

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465 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia
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